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English Tutor for Business and Industry

Communication, critical and innovative thinking, preparing for presentations, seminars, teleconferencing and providing customer service are essential skills in today's hyper-connected, competitive global marketplace.  English is the global language.  It is the international voice of business, industry, science, technology - and the internet.  Today, around the globe,  communicating means communicating in English.  The value of verbal skills in today's global marketplace cannot be overestimated.   The best jobs go to employees who are supremely competent in oral and written presentations in English.   A passage from the recent book That Used to Be Us by Thomas L. Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum makes this argument powerfully:
The penny drops. English is serious business.
"The (best) jobs involve critical thinking and reasoning, abstract analytical skills, imagination, judgement, creativity . . . They require the ability to read a situation, extrapolate from it, and to create something new -- a new product, a new insight, a new service,  a new investment, a new way of doing old things, or new things to do in new ways in an existing company."

Innovation and imagination.   "What if...?"  Imagination enables us to fashion, out of the world we have to live in, visions of the world we want to live in.  And communicating these new products, these new services, these new investments, these new ways of doing things means communicating in English.


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