William Cozart
English Tutor - New York
Tutor for Elementary, Middle and High SchoolEnglish Tutor for Business and Industry Advocate for the Arts William R. Cozart,  Ph. D.

Tutor for Elementary, Middle and High School

SAT, SAT Lit,  ACT,  AP, Regents, ELA Exams & College Applications

For over 40 years, I have loved teaching all areas of English.  My approach is to combine warm, encouraging, confidence-building tutoring with innovative strategies for mastering grammar, essay writing techniques, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills.

My goal is to help students raise their scores on standardized tests and write the kind of college application essays that express their individuality and catch the attention of college admissions officers.

I have found that the best cure for test anxiety is to practice, practice, practice.   Like most SAT tutors, I make sure that my students learn all the techniques for answering multiple-choice questions, sentence completion questions, critical reading passages - shortcuts that will help them "ace" the SAT.   But, at the same time, I offer instruction at a much deeper level in order to prepare students for college-level writing.   My goal is to help students see that their creative abilities are anchored in solid study and writing skills that will serve them well throughout college and into whatever careers may await them in their futures.     

Manhattan Middle School Applicants

In Manhattan, competition for top middle schools is intense.  To achieve high scores on the state standardized tests, middle school students need a solid foundation in language arts.

The New York State and City Boards of Education provide a list of the knowledge and skills students are expected to master at each grade level.  My approach is to help my students excel in meeting these standards, to pinpoint areas where they need more practice, and to increase their skills in reading comprehension, grammar, making inferences, drawing conclusions, and responding to the many genres of literature. 

Along the way, I provide test-taking strategies that build their self-confidence.  However, I am
concerned that today's relentless emphasis on "high-stakes testing" will undermine the
joy and passion for learning itself that ought to be the focus of any child's education.  So,
as a tutor, while making sure that my students are totally prepared for the tests, I keep
their attention focused on the inexhaustible riches to be found in reading, writing, exploring
their imaginations, and creating their own visions of who they are and who they might become in this immense universe that dazzles us all.

Common Core: Yearly ELA Tests:

     With the current emphasis on Common Core standardized
testing, I now offer, year - round, test preparation for the ELA
section of these tests at all grade levels.  This test preparation
covers reading comprehension, strategies for answering multiple
choice questions, strategies for writing both short and extended
responses to test questions, and methods for coping with test
    I recommend that we begin test prep sessions as early as
possible each year so that the student has several months to 
get ready for the actual test days.



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