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William R. Cozart,  Ph. D.

William R. Cozart, Ph. D.EDUCATION:

Ph. D.  in English,  Harvard University, 1963

Recipient of a full 4-year scholarship to Harvard from the Danforth Foundation.  In the 1950s, the Danforth Foundation awared scholarships to graduate students who planned to enter the world of higher education and teach from the assumption that human beings are essentially spiritual beings.  My Danforth Fellow advisers at Harvard were Huston Smith and Paul Tillich.  Among my Harvard professors were Perry Miller (The Puritans, Jonathan Edwards), Albert Lord (The Singer of Tales) and Francis P.  Magoun (translator of The Kalevala).  
My Ph. D. Thesis Director was William Alfred (playwright,  Hogan's Goat,  Agamemnon).   My Thesis (a copy is in Harvard's Widener Library) is The Concept of Anxiety in The Harrowing of Hell Plays in the York and Towneley Cycles (Medieval Mystery Plays).  

M. A. in English, Harvard University, 1960

B. A. in English, University of Texas, 1958
Phi Beta Kappa


1962 - 1964:  Instructor of English, Mundelein College,  Chicago, Illinois, (now part of Loyola University)

1963  Mundelein College: Teacher of the Year Award

1964 - 1965:  Lecturer in Medieval and Modern Literature, Free University of Berlin,  West Berlin,  Germany

                  Performs one-man show: "Songs from the Mead Hall: Beowulf, The Wanderer, and
                                                                the Struggle Between Courage and Fate"

1965 - 1971:  Assistant Professor of English, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena,  California

                     Begins annual performance of one-man show: "Gilgamesh: The Oldest Story in the World,"
                           performed every year as part of Humanities Division's presentations in World Literature
                           (Performed for nine consecutive years)

1971 - 1975:  Associate Professor of English, (tenured), California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California
                    Teaches seminar with Richard Feynman, Professor of Physics, on C. P. Snow's "The Two Cultures."
                     Teaches seminar with Frank Capra, Film Director, "The Humanistic Imagination."

                     Creates "The Caltech Student Players."  Directs productions of "The Threepenny Opera,"

                               "H. M. S. Pinafore," "The Student Prince," and "The Pirates of Penzance"

1976 (Summer Session): Visiting Professor of Literature, The University of Houston at Clear Lake,  

1976 - 1979:  Assistant Professor of English, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas

1979 - 1985:  Associate Professor of English, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas

1981  Chosen by Board of Regents  as  "Regents Professor of the Year"

1985 - 1989:   Professor of English, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas

                           Creates a program for Gifted and Talented Middle School Students, mentored by
                                university professors.

                                    Teaches an annual storytelling and theatre workshop for middle school
                                      students: "The Magic If: Envisioning the World You Would Like to Live In
                                                         Out of the World You Have to Live In"             

1989 - 1998:   Professor of English,  Galveston College, Galveston, Texas

1991   Director of a Grant from The National Endowment for the Humanities 
                 This NEH grant allowed an interdisciplinary Galveston College faculty group to
                  create a new, experimental Humanities course that would address the pressing social
                  needs of Galveston Island: street gangs, high teen pregnancy rates, increasingly
                  high rates of high school drop-outs, a poorly trained workforce.  The course combined
                  traditional readings in the humanities (Plato, Shakespeare), multicultural studies (Hispanic
                  Asian, and African-American writers), ethics, critical thinking skills, and community
                  service.  It was enormously successful and was copied (or adapted in its broad
                  outlines) by many other community colleges.

1992     Award, "Galveston College's Professor of the Year"

1993     Spring Seminar: The Carl Jung Center in Houston, Texas: "Wagner's  Parsifal:  Jungian

                Archetypes and Wagner's Exploration of the Myth of the Holy Grail"

 Lecture: The Carl Jung Center in Houston, Texas:   "Joseph Campbell,  Carl Jung, and            

                     the Hero's Journey in the Fairy Tale, "The Water of Life"

1994      Galveston Ballet: Stravinsky's "Petrushka":  Wrote and performed four long monologues
                      for a Storyteller, connecting the four scenes of "Petrushka."  These monologues made clear that
                      "Petrushka" is an engrossing fairy tale -- and the story was enjoyed by large groups of school
                      children from the Houston/Galveston area, who were experiencing classical ballet for the first
                       time.  The performances (repeated the following year) took place in Galveston's historic 1894
                       Grand Opera House.

1996     Special Summer Seminar: "Shakespeare for Teachers" 

                  The University of Houston, Clear Lake, Texas (a special series of classes for
                      high school teachers in the Houston area, who regularly teach Shakespeare
                      in the public schools)   




1998 - 2002:   Retired.  Continued teaching part-time at The University of Houston, Clear Lake, Galveston College, The Carl Jung Center in Houston, Texas

2002 - the present2002 - the present: Private Tutor
  • in grammar, composition, literature, preparation for SAT I and II,  ACT,  AP exams, middle school and college application essays
  • for employees in business and industry, training them in communication skills, critical and innovative thinking, preparation for presentations in seminars, teleconferencing, customer service


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