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On Being a Teacher

William Cozart, Ph. D.My favorite definition of a teacher comes from Plato's Socrates:  "A teacher is a 'midwife of souls.'"  This image implies that, just as a midwife assists in the birth of a new human being, we who teach are helping students bring into being their best selves, their fullest potential.  It is our vocation to help students realize that their lives matter, that each of them is a unique, irreplaceable person.  Our job, in addition to guiding them in mastering an academic discipline, is to help them discover their deepest selves,  find their own singular voices.  To realize what Emerson called their "original relation to the universe."  To help them learn to cherish the unprecedented adventure that lies before them as they dare to follow their own, singular paths.


- William Cozart, Ph. D.

What Parents Are Saying
Dr. Cozart's Tutoring

     "If anyone is seeking a tutor to help his/her student -- from elementary school to
college -- with study skills, grammar, composition, standardized test prep -- I highly
recommend Dr. William Cozart.  
       He has worked with our son for more than a year on study and organization
skills and SAT prep.
        Not only is Dr. Cozart an exceptional tutor, he is a compassionate mentor.
        He has his PhD. from Harvard and taught at Caltech in the literature
department for years."
                                  Beth George (bethgeorge47@gmail.com)

     " My somewhat jaded tweenager absolutely loved working with Professor Cozart.
Dr. Cozart found topics of interest for my son so that he could nurture inspired
writing, personal writing, thoughtful writing, not just test writing, although that, too.
       He brought energy and joy to the processes of brainstorming, writing, even
editing, such that never once did my son moan about having to go to tutoring.
        And that is saying something!"
                                   Kari Steeves (kari66kes@gmail.com)

     "My three daughters, ages 8 to 12, have enjoyed Professor Cozart's lessons
for over two years.  
       Even though they had good ELA grades before Professor Cozart
started teaching them, I do see a lot of academic improvement: their vocabulary
is growing, their essay writing skills are developing, and their reading
comprehension is getting better.  
        They also just love spending time with Professor Cozart.  He has an
easy rapport with all of them.
        His vast academic experience and knowledge translates seamlessly
into the world of the elementary and middle school students' needs
and challenges.
        He helps them with mastering grammar, essay writing techniques, 
reading comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills.
         Professor Cozart proves that learning can be fun as well; my children
can't wait to have their next lesson with him, which is saying a lot
about his ability to create a warm and confidence-building learning
environment while focusing on the literacy skills they need to acquire."
                          Irina Barg (barg_ira@yahoo.com)

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My Definition of Art:

All art is a search for the answer to these questions:

"Do I matter?"

"Does my unique strangeness as an
irreplaceable human being
make a significant contribution
to the song of the universe?"

"Is my being here on earth
of cosmic significance?"



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